Q: What makes you stand out?

A: We are trying to make fairstainable condoms. It means that we treat all stakeholders fairly, we aim to build a transparent process and by that we mean really transparent; we will show what works, what we have to improve on and quantify this all in percentages. At this moment Waldemar (my co-founder) is in Malaysia on a rubber plantation making sure we understand how to make life better for the farmers and also for nature. Particular focuses are natural pesticide solutions and ensuring no forest was cleared to make way for the plantations. The most important part is, we will give 50% of the profits back to our causes i.e. sex education for kids and youngsters – ‘generation porn’ (exposure to online pornography) is a major concern – and fair rubber farming.

Q: Why do you care?

A: Waldemar and I are entrepreneurs; we like to build and to change stuff. With our entrepreneur’s pledge movement it looks like we found a way that enables entrepreneurs to build socially-conscious businesses on a large scale. Especially because we’re entrepreneurs, we think it is our duty to give back, so why not do it in our best years?

Q: Is being responsible good for business?

A: Yes, it is awesome for business! Of course! What would you buy, a horribly-designed unfair product or an awesomely-designed fair product at the same price? And which company would you like to work for? It is the future of business, I am sure. Not greenpainting some stuff, no, serious transparency and really fair companies that talk about their business with honesty.

Q: Has the business changed you?

A: Yes – we check how fair products are and of course we see a lot of things now that we didn’t before.

Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: The dialogue with our customers is great, it is so exciting to learn what people really want and what they care about! Overall we are very lucky to receive such positive feedback all the time. OK we get some trolls, but they are fun ;)

Q: Plans for the future?

A: We want to create a fair product with a great design that works, and costs as much as our competitors’ products. This is my vision, you find fair products that are more expensive, worse quality and lack design. I want our products to help the customer make the obvious choice. I don’t want anybody to buy our product out of pity thinking that it is trash but that they want to support the earth by buying it. I want them to think, wow, this is the best product, the best design and it’s fair? How do they do it?!


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