Q: What makes you stand out?  

A: Nimber realised that there is a great deal of spare capacity when it comes to transport. We thought, how great it would be if we could get people to use that space to meet others’ shipping needs; to help people get things delivered from point a to point b if they are going that way anyway. We have created a matching platform for delivery, where people coordinate a less expensive, more convenient delivery service. We cater to businesses as well so instead of sending a package via DHL, companies can post onto Nimber the item they need delivered. We empower people to come together as a community, to interact, to help each other out and make use of existing resources. Nimber creates value that goes beyond a spreadsheet. 

Q: Why do you care?  

A: The team and I at Nimber care about people and our surroundings. That is what drove us to create the company. The original catalyst was a Norwegian Post truck that crashed on the highway, scattering dozens of packages on the road. We thought, ‘how great would it be if we commuters could each pick up one of those packages and deliver it to its destination?’

Q: Is being responsible good for business?  

A: Yes.  People want to be associated with services and products they relate to. For some it may be because it’s good value, for others it may be convenience, sustainability or the experience of dealing with peers rather than businesses. Nimber’s crowd-based solution meets people’s practical needs (i.e. delivering something) whilst also ticking other boxes, such as social interaction and lowering transport emissions from unnecessary journeys.

Q: Has the business changed you?  

A: I continue to evolve as a person every day and I think that Nimber has actually made me a much better person. In particular it has made me believe that a desire for change can be delivered upon and how people coming together as a community can make a real difference; that through Nimber people are able to lower their carbon emissions.

Q: What do you like most about your job?  

A: I love to see how people help each other. When I see a task posted on Nimber and see a quick match occur, that makes me appreciate all the effort that went into making this service. It confirms our vision. I also love that people get what we are doing, they support us and egg us on. So feedback from people about what we are doing is extremely rewarding.

Q: Plans for the future?  

A: Our plan is to continue spreading the word and to create communities in different parts of the world. Most immediately, we hope to recreate the Norwegian success in the UK. We are also looking to make our matching platform friendlier and provide a better experience to our users. But most of all, I am looking forward to making a difference to people’s everyday lives, our environment and empowering people to make that change.


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